Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hangin' In (30 Weeks)

Well, my husband has finally reappeared this evening, but will be leaving again very soon. It's been a long three days without him, but I'm hoping the next three will get better. I'm done with my work week, the house isn't too shabby and there's snow on the ground!!! (This, alone, makes me happy.)

I'm ready to try to relax a bit during the next couple of days, although I feel a need to tackle Christmas projects while I'm still feeling human. There have been times this week where I have NOT.

I'm missing my camera big time, and hoping it is waiting on me, along with about five other packages, at the post office in the morning. Sorry, Mr. Postman, I've been too busy to come 'round and collect my goods!

Truth be told, I'm pretty exhausted, but still upbeat, for the most part. I'm just checking in tonight. So let's take this as a raincheck-snowcheck?-for a better post later. Hopefully, with new, clear photos...

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