Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do Your Best

I decided to organize a little Back-to-School Feast for our beautiful first-grade queens, Lily and Julia. They head off on that big yellow bus in the morning, but tonight: lasagna, cupcakes, crowns and a fashion show!

Our theme: Do Your Best!

Miss Lily will have Mrs. Starkey, who was MY first-grade teacher 25 years ago!! Miss Julia has Mrs. Schaad, who Lily had last year. Both are in good hands!

These pesky little brothers are scheduled to be in preschool together. Dear Lord, bless the teachers....

We ended the party with a fashion show in which the girls modeled four outfits each. In all honesty, if they can keep their innocence, their friendship and their lovely smiles, they'll be just fine!!

Good luck, baby girls!! Do Your Best!

1 comment:

  1. You and Kim are the best. The girls (and boys, and girl and boy) are growing up in front of very eyes. I love the honesty of your blog Erin!



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