Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Fight for Pillow Pets

So, yeah, have any of you other moms seen the Pillow Pets commercial on TV? My kids have, and they want Pillow Pets!

So much so that when I told Lily I have arranged for the two of us to finally have "Girl Day" tomorrow afternoon for school shopping and other fun, she said all she wanted was a Pillow Pet! I said, "Lily, it's time for school shopping. We're not getting Pillow Pets." She insists that she has $9 and that I'm a "mean mommy who never buys [her] anything!" This, of course, was after she put on a fashion show with the five or six outfits I bought her at a yard sale on the way home from work.

Remember the post about teaching my kids to be grateful? Still working on that.

In other news, Lily has been an amazing help lately. She can even get Colby to fall asleep for his nap now. She takes her own showers, pulls the stopper at just the right time to "get the boys' bath ready," and she's just kind of amazing in general. Come to think of it, she just might get that Pillow Pet after all.

Mr. Max is also growing up. I've noticed this week that his "thank you's" are automatic. He's still working on the "please" part, but we're getting there. He is a strange mix of sweetness and aggressiveness right now. He and I have had some one-on-one time this week as well, and it was great! One of the bigger challenges in my crazy life right now is getting enough time to spend one-on-one with each kid. Of course, Colby doesn't yet care.

Speaking of Colby, he's rotten and ornery. He's walking everywhere now. I said the other day, and it's true, that he has turned in his gorilla baby crawl for more of an old chimpanzee walk. He looks like a wobbly old man still, but the huge, proud smile really helps!

Alas, another week has passed. I'm saying goodbye to the first trimester. (May I never see it again. =) ) And I realized this: I'm starting my 132nd week of pregnancy (in my life, you know.) So hey! I get to be quiet, moody, peaceful, tired and elated, in strange and twisty turns.

Hoping my energy level is about to spike... There is just so much I want to do!

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