Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dance Party USA

Wow. What a day! A snow day in so many ways, and the kids were rotten. I worked from home a bit. I took them to the sitter's this morning, thinking I could get at least four hours of intense work done, but then the snow started sticking enough that I got nervous and went to pick them up earlier than planned. The rest of the day went kind of downhill, but ah well. It stabilized tonight once Daddy got home. I made killer Philly chicken hoagies, and we spent our family time with a dance party and Wii games.

Here are some snaps...

The dance party started with a slow dance. Max was a natural, and my only regret is that Dave didn't get a photo of the awesomeness that is Max when he danced so tenderly and lovingly with his 9-month-pregnant mommy, who danced on her knees to even things up. I did capture the above shot of a daddy and his girl, who was dancing on his feet.

Things got wild from there....

Isn't Colby so cute with his haircut?

Daddy says Colby loves being in the boys' club, but I think Daddy is the one who loves it best.

Bedtime came soon enough, and here I am, winding down on Facebook, Blogger and getting more work done before I pitch it all for a whole different line of work: caring for a newborn.

So here's my 35.5-week photo. Hoping we only snap another one or two belly pics before we meet our final dance team member.

Tomorrow? Well, I'll employ the dance party cure a bit earlier in the day. There will be endless hours, boo-boos, yelling matches and failed nap attempts. And, tomorrow at this time, I'll be even richer in love and in life.

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