Monday, October 10, 2011


In prepping Max for my cross-country trek, he was most fascinated by the idea of my flying on an airplane and wanted me to take pictures of the clouds. You got it, babe.

I had an amazing trip to Denver, Colorado. All of those fit, beautiful people out there are right: Denver is worth it! I didn't even have a chance to get into the mountains, but I know God treads there, in that beautiful city.

I did get to stay at a drop-dead gorgeous hotel. I met up with an old friend. I ate like a queen. I drank wine with some really successful, really genuine people. I visited with my "godbrother," and put that special time with him like a penny in my pocket.

It was amazing.

And, oh yeah, it was a work trip. The events went well, the meeting was productive. It was a pat on the back, a push to do more, do better, do right.

I called home to talk to the kids several times. They were in good hands, and I was so busy and gone for such a short time that I didn't long for them. Lily had been diagnosed with walking pneumonia the very afternoon I was slated to leave. My mom swooped in to help with her, and I am so grateful. Dave did an amazing job, and I came back to happy kids and a clean house.

When I left Denver, it was 34 degrees and snowing. Three hours later, I was welcomed by sunshine and 80 degrees in Columbus. Coming home was also a transition of the heart.

I am back to wiping noses, pushing swings, folding laundry, and playing chauffer. I'm back where I have found my place among my sweet family, my reasons.

The trip was a blessing, but it's a blessing to be home to this little man and his siblings as well.

Have a great week, everyone!

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