Monday, October 3, 2011

Wine a Bit

My life right now is one to-do list after another. I'm preparing for a trip to Denver and three special events at work. I'm up to my eyes in details and trying to fit so many tasks into the matrix. All of this, along with my life, is incredibly overwhelming.

But I'm hanging in. My car and my body are both threatening to drop out, but I'm forging on. A couple more weeks, and I'll be crashing.

The kids are all well. They got a brief taste of mommy being away this past weekend when I went to Pittsburgh to visit my best girl, Roberta, and celebrate her bachelorette status before she wills it away later this year. There were several bottles of wine, some really great margherita pizza, amazing line-dancing cowboys and laughs galore. Some rode bulls. (As in mechanical.) It was an enjoyable, memorable night. And I rocked it in a new dress from Target (that's tar-JAY) and my brown suede high-heeled boots.

Now I'm suffering from a really jacked-up knee. It's been whining for weeks and will no longer be ignored.

My goals right now: bed, accomplish a couple dozen major tasks tomorrow at work, possibly risk this knee further by playing my league volleyball games, pack for Denver, figure out how I'm going to fly with 60-plus ounces of breast milk and -- oh yeah -- leave my four kiddos for three days with a kiss and a promise to come home.

Taste the Rockies!

Whatever moments of utter relaxation I manage to find in Denver will be much deserved. I'm looking forward to long showers, plush robes and some great times with awesome people. But maybe not as awesome as this one.

So long for now...

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