Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirty Notes of Thanksgiving

Luke would like to thank his big brother for sharing his lollipop....

I love thank-you notes. I like getting them well enough, but mostly, I like giving them. So it was not a completely selfless idea for me to do a project I'm calling Thirty Notes of Thanksgiving.

The idea bloomed in my brain earlier this month as Facebookers everywhere started populating their daily updates with statements of gratitude as part of a thirty-day Thanksgiving. I didn't want to follow the crowd, but one day, the thought came to me that I could surely think of thirty people to thank, who have made a positive difference in my life this year, for whom I am thankful.

And so, on a trip to town last week, I bought a box of fifty beautiful thank-you notes. Over the course of three or four sittings, I wrote one to our pediatrician, the awesome custodian at work, several of my aunts near and far, to the people whom I call coworkers that keep me sane, to the old college friend who sent Lucas pajamas nine months ago when his birth announcement went out, and to the kind men at Huddle Tire, who take care of me and my trusty green Honda van when Shrek can't. I wrote one to my sister, my mom, the members of my village that help me raise my children. I wrote to three bloggers who have had a tremendous impact on me. (Shout out CJane, NieNie and Ani!) I put some in the mail, sneaked some into office mailboxes, purses and locked janitorial supply closets. I handed some straight to the blessings in human form.

It was fun. It was empowering. It was something I didn't have to do that I really enjoyed doing.

So tonight, on Thanksgiving Eve, I'm writing one last note to all of you. Thank you. Thank you for reading my thoughts and beliefs when I get a chance to harness them into this blog. Thank you for playing the roles you play in my life.

In a month or so, I'm going to be asking for help from all of you. It won't be hard, I promise. But I thank you now for the help you'll give.

May Thanksgiving, one of the most loving, comfortable days of the year, bring you peace, family or friends who may as well be and good food. May we all put our problems aside and remember to be thankful for the many blessings we receive.

Oh, and dear Lord, thank you so much for this healthy little butterball of a cousin born this evening. Sweet baby Quinten, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. And boy, did you ever luck out in the family department!

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