Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faith, Grace and Selflessness

Sometimes God gives us amazing miracles when we least expect it.

I know a little bit about this lately. On June 11, nearly a month ago now, I learned something about myself. I learned that I'm unexpectedly pregnant with my fourth child. Roberts 4.0 is due February 10, 2011. Colby Levi, who you might remember just had his first birthday, will be about 20 months old.

I'd be lying if I said my initial reactions weren't shock, incredulousness and just a little bit of illness. They were. But I have an amazing husband who took it in stride, though he felt the same way. I've taken my time to get used to the idea. I had a week of quiet time with my family and private discussions with my husband around bullfrog-serenaded campfires. That was the beginning of fear and uncertainty turning to peace and resolve.

Soon, I'd told some of my core supporters. More friends and family have been let in on the surprise in the past few weeks. By and large, responses have been positive. There have been happy claps on the back, grown men affectionately talking in baby talk to my midsection, and warrior mothers sharing with me their utmost confidence in my ability to mother and to mother well. Thank you.

I've also had some negative responses. My least favorite, for some reason, is the "You do know how this happens, right?" What? Um, yeah. I remember from fifth grade health class, people. Thanks for taking me for an idiot.

I had one slightly disapproving cousin ask me--very slowly and twice--"But how do you do it??"

And I paused for the slightest moment and said, with conviction, "I do it with faith, grace and selflessness, and a lot of it!"

Oh, and gratitude, of course.

Thank you, Lord, for another amazing miracle.

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  1. Gratitude and an appropriate dose of attitude, girl! You get em!



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