Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wishes for Maxwell

This striking trio of first cousins started preschool together this morning. My Max was ready to go, his eyes gleaming and his Autobots backpack and Cars lunchbox sparkly new.

My hope for Maxwell is that today marks a long road of lifelong learning, both in the classroom and out. I pray he finds friends, wisdom and perspective in the hallowed halls of schools. My wish is that he takes himself seriously, but not too seriously; that he sets high goals and believes he can meet them; that he eventually gets paid to do what he loves; and, most of all, that he becomes the kind of person others respect and admire.

Max, I'm proud of the way you hugged your cousins this morning and slung your arms around their shoulders for photos. You are a gentle, laid-back little man, and I know you will be an amazing friend, husband and human being.

If you never stop learning, you'll never grow old. No matter what you become, you'll always be good enough for me!

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