Friday, September 30, 2011

The Best Idea in the World

Lily and I had "the best idea in the world" tonight as we stood in line waiting to pay our admission into the high school Homecoming game. Sister hadn't felt well all afternoon, but made an amazing recovery before game time. But standing there in that line with her, in the fall chill, with her cold hands and her already wet socks, I knew it was not to be. I convinced her her "cold" was going to get colder, that we could very easily step out of that line, come home, make hot cocoa, put on our pj's, paint our nails and watch a movie. And that is just what we did, all the while congratulating ourselves for being so smart and warm and cozy. Gosh, it was such a relief! I had been wearing Luke in my Ergo front carrier, and my back was killing me. And with the busy-ness I've had lately and the time away I have scheduled, home is sweet, indeed!

One thing that isn't sweet is the smell wafting up from the carpet beside me where one of the boys spilled Lily's milk Wednesday night. (I just put two and two together to identify the problem.) Another is a $400 car repair bill I paid this week (but the mechanic tells me I'm very lucky to be alive, so how about that?) And maybe a final is that my girl truly isn't well again. She went to bed with a fever and a bellyache, and I'm scheduled for a minor overnight trip tomorrow and a major cross-country trip later in the week.

And then there's that baby! He's crying again, up for the fourth time in as many hours. Not only is he waking up often, but he wants to be nursed back to sleep every time. I, fourth-time mother, am at a real loss what to do with this kid and his terrible sleep habits. We've tried many things. All I know for sure is that his daddy is going to be very tired and very frustrated with him later this week when I fly the coop for three whole nights.

I am busy, blessed, tired and pressed for time. I'm looking forward to the many events in my life over the next couple of weeks, but looking forward also to nights like these, when my girl and I have the best idea in the world: to enjoy our home on cold nights with creature comforts and special people.

And I'm going to shampoo this floor first thing in the morning... after I wake up every hour or two to nurse this babe back to sleep. For every thing there is a season. This is the season of night nursing and, always, for the best ideas in the world.

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