Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Angel Baby

Life with a newborn is a very unpredictable thing. It's hard to please a two-foot tall dictator who has major communication deficiencies, but I try. There have been a couple of nights in the past week where blogging or an organized activity of any kind was absolutely out of the question. Luckily, there were a couple of key times when Luke was very good, surprising us all and giving his mommy some much-needed breaks.

Friday was a good day. One of the reasons, I'll be honest, was just that it was so much better than Thursday. Thursday? Not so good. But Friday, hell yes, that was a good day!

Shrek was off work, for one thing. I'll take that extra set of hands anytime. I let him do the school thing with Lily and slept in until 8 with the baby. The sunshine propelled me to Zumba, where Luke slept angelically throughout the whole class. I then had the house to myself (and Luke) for a bit. I finally got to take him to visit Lily's classroom, and she really enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame. I valiantly and cheerfully battled laundry for awhile in the afternoon, curled up with my baby for a nap, welcomed my mother-in-law and yet another set of hands(!), and then--the kicker--got to head out on the town with my hubby, sis and brother-in-law to hear some wonderful friends, aptly named Carpe Diem, play music. My token drink, or two, were also amazing. It was a welcome night with friends I don't get to see nearly enough!

I honestly thought Luke would cry most of the time we were gone. He really hasn't done too well on his trial runs so far. But he again surprised me by being awake a total of maybe 20 minutes the whole time.

So maybe we're turning a corner. Maybe we're growing up a bit. I have to keep reminding myself that even though I'm a veteran mom, Lucas is still a newborn. While it still isn't going to feel good or normal, going back to work and being separated from my baby will be a fourth-time occurrence for me, but a totally new phenomena for Luke. But I've got my village and my wits, and we'll do this thing.

And Luke will do his part too. He'll be an unhappy dictator and an angel baby, in turns. He'll help to remind me that I'm not an island. I'm not in control. He'll remind me to let go and let God.

And just like that, the bounds of my motherhood are expanding. I've got a new teacher, and he's an angel baby. ... sometimes.

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  1. Very Nice Erin. You make a great mother. Keep it up.




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