Monday, April 25, 2011

Child of God

So many good things have been happening. The entire Roberts family is tired, but we're slowly catching up. The past four or five days have included wedding dress shopping with my gorgeous best friend, walking (part of) a 5K in a storm with my family of six, welcoming company to our home, visiting with friends new and old, a blessed Easter holiday, a preschool graduation and a final Roberts baptism.

While all of this is blog-worthy, I have to focus on Luke's baptism. It was pretty special. Just the right people were there, our priest was relaxed and patient with all the kids, and I got to see two very special people become godparents to my baby boy.

On your fourth go-round, it can be hard to choose godparents. As hard as it is to believe, I don't think we could have picked better godparents for Lucas than cousins Jared and Christal. We asked Jared to be Luke's godfather on Christmas Day and asked Christal to be his godmother in early January. Both of them were over-the-moon honored and excited and have been since.

I have confidence that not only will Luke have his village of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends, but he'll have two of the best people I can think of as his godparents to help to keep him on the path to a good, honest life. They'll step in when we need assistance, they'll support him and lift him up when he experiences life's lows, and they'll want the best for him in every situation. If he's lucky, he'll find in them confidantes when he can't talk to anyone else, maybe even his dear old dad and mom.

There is such joy and such satisfaction in knowing you've chosen godparents well. Thank you, thank you, lovely people, for agreeing to sponsor our son as he navigates life and his own path to God. We're truly just as honored as you both are, and - it's true - you sure do make a beautiful "God-family"!

Here's a couple of snaps of my reasons...

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