Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is Our Reward

Ahhh, what a wonderful time of year! The drudgery of brown grass, brown trees and brown snow, even, if it sticks around long enough, is gone.

Now we've got amazing color. Bluest skies, greenest grass. And that makes this an awesome time for taking photos, especially photos of kids out and about, wearing the happiness we all feel right there on their happy, squishy little faces.

So instead of writing much tonight, I'm posting photos from our recent family bike ride and our glorious Sunday afternoon picnic at Lake Tweet! We were foraging for summer clothes because we all overdressed! It was so nice to be back in the old camper for a bit, and Luke really enjoyed his first meeting with Lake Tweet!

Max and friend Adie taking a break at Lake Tweet!

Luke chillin' after his nap in the camper.

These crazy girls were completely drenched from playing in the creek!

And yes, Colby was THIS hot. He turns red from sunscreen application, heat and the sun, and we had all three on Sunday!

And, now, off to bed for me. Don't forget another great thing about spring: the yard sales!! Hope to see you at "The Mother Load Sale" tomorrow! (See previous post!)

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