Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can't Wait

My mind is a melting pot. I have so many random thoughts right now that there is no way I'll nail this post. It's Christmas, mild weather, sick babies and contacts that feel as though they have been glued to my eyeballs. It's a house that's clean enough, gifts that are ready enough and laundry that is done enough.

I'm elfed out, I think.

It is kind of neat to sit back and relax for so many days ahead of Christmas. Not months ahead, mind you, but just days. That's a good, happy medium. And I'm so glad I created that cushion of time because I spent most of today nursing and carrying Luke, who is feeling quite crummy with a fever virus of some kind. From the looks of it, Colby has a touch of it too.

So my last day of work for 2011 that was supposed to be tomorrow might instead turn into yesterday. The fresh pine swag I still wanted to create for my banister may just have its day next year. And there's no reason why I can't tuck tissue paper into those stockings to help fill them out.

Oh, and the weather? I'm still hoping for those snow flurries. But whatever the weather, the state of this family's health, the true filling of those stockings, in less than four short days, we'll celebrate Christ's birth. I'll be a hot mess trying to get all six of us in church finery on Christmas eve. I will be throwing ingredients into my basket for the family party. I'll be up late with the hubby getting the place just so for Santa's arrival after helping the kids set out cookies and milk for the big man and carrots for his eight reindeer.

And then, short hours later, I'll be scrambling to ready the cameras, turn on the Christmas morning music and, maybe, even get a creamy cup of coffe in my hands before the magic begins.

And I can't wait.

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