Friday, December 2, 2011

Learning Everyday

It's been a very long week with some really ugly moments, but some beautiful ones too. I am very tired, very impatient for some time to myself and very happy that I'm not normally on my own with the kids, as I was most of this week. Ah, Deer Camp. You slay me.

I haven't written because I've been too busy/too tired/too mad at various times. I've been thinking of whole posts in my head and ditching them. There are some things I just don't want to write here.

But I can say this: my husband is teaching me such lessons in patience. My children are half of him. There are some amazing attributes and some not-so-amazing attributes. Max has been showing his Shrek ancestry in big ways. Why, just tonight, as all of his other siblings were busy or sleeping, he refused my offer to snuggle with him, pooh-poohed my choice of Christmas book for his bedtime story and was generally bullish after I told him he couldn't turn on the TV.

This is a shout out. I'm alive and well. I'm resilient. I'm a Deer Camp widow. And I'm aching to be in my bed.

Just gotta drag the five-year-old up to bed from the loveseat, where he passed out much like his daddy probably would have, had he been home to do it.


  1. Loving the *sparkle* you've added!

  2. hey dear! thanks so much for stopping by and saying hey! so nice to meetchya!

    aren't you glad that life's ugly moments have potential to make us stronger?! hope the rest of the week looks up for you!




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