Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Elf and All Kinds of Magic

It's that time of year. The magic is starting to happen around here. We have a new tradition. His name is Alexander McGee, and he is an elf. He has already brought great joy and mischief in three short days, and we look forward to having him as a wacky, exciting houseguest through Christmas.

What will Alexander do next? If I only knew!

I am in a much better place than I was the last time I posted. I got that break I needed. While it wasn't nearly long enough, it was enough. I haven't been sleeping enough, either, but I've been on mother pilot for some time now, and I am doing just fine.

I've worked hard this past week to get a jump on shopping and other holiday prep. Nineteen days out, I feel pretty good. I think I'll be able to stay out of stores most of those 19 days, which is awesome. Except for having to work (boo), I'll be able to stay home, bake those cookies, deck these halls, rear these children and enjoy the spirit of the season.

I think I'm also going to read this sweet letter a couple more times....

Is it me, or is this December just roaring along? I'm half expecting a friend to call and invite me to a swim party somewhere. This weather is crazy, and it has me confused. My subconscious is blinking hard and fast, and I'm hoping to feel on the right page soon!

While I'm doing that, I thought I'd share some more snaps from the crazy, blessed long weekend that was Thanksgiving...

A beautiful baby....

A beautiful family... (missing a crying Lily and featuring Shrek in full game face)

And last, but not least, a beautiful bride, a beautiful friendship, a beautiful memory!

Stay gold, my friends. And happy festivus!

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